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Riding out the Pandemic

As we have moved on to 2021 with some hope and optimism, we want to thank you, our FPVI patrons, wholeheartedly for your continued support. To you and to all FPVI friends, our warm greetings and sincere appreciation for supporting the FPVI Learning and Development Program at a time when the call for help is more urgent and more critical than in other times. Amid the many challenges before us in COVID-19 times, it is heartening to know that resilience, in all its forms, has prevailed among the children in our care, with FPVI working collaboratively with their parents and guardians.

We at FPVI are very gratified to be able to serve as the children's support at this time, and we shall continue to be their safety net in times to come.

Hannah's dream

Lucky receiving feedback

Marky working on his homework

Angelo reading under the garden umbrella

Manuel tackling the Children’s Encyclopedia

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