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Jose Victor Peñaranda



Having been away for decades from the family home, family members thought of an effective way to re-enter Tunga and re-introduce ourselves to the townsfolk. We did this prior to the formal registration of the Foundation at the Securities and Exchange Commission by conducting a series of values transformation workshops in 2015 and 2016 with local government unit staff and with teachers and educators. This was to ensure we were aligned with the needs and aspirations of the LGU and the community.

We were supported in this work by the spirited enthusiasm and commitment of Jose Victor (Bimboy, to many) -- an indefatigable community development organizer, a tireless researcher-writer, a beloved poet and mystic, and a prime mover of the Theosophical Foundation in the Philippines -- with which we organized the values transformation workshops with. He didn’t live to see some of his work bear fruit in the children in FPVI’s care but he was introduced posthumously to them in the end-of-summer-program activity in 2018. As we enrich lives, we remember his contribution.

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