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FPVI fellows


Sparking creativity and realizing the youth's full potential

Remote rural barangays in the Philippines are not often considered dynamic. But by investing in education and supporting young Filipinos through their schooling, we help foster individuals who can act in ways that incrementally develop dynamic thought, behavior, and aspiration in their own lives. And by inspiration, in others' lives, too. 


FPVI, to date, specifically supports access to secondary school for children, each selected as beneficiaries because they have experienced significant disadvantage yet showed resilience and promise.

Get to know our Fellows

Through our Fellows program, we empower willful local youths by providing holistic education, proper nutrition, and values-development sessions to help them realize their dreams and build a brighter tomorrow for themselves, their family, and the community.


Lucky was named by parents who obviously felt fortunate at his birth. Indeed, Lucky is one of two in the group, so far, who goes home to a supportive family. But because of the destruction and circumstances brought upon by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), Lucky's family had difficulties that necessitated he find support to continue his own high school education. Lucky is persevering and optimistic that is why he quickly flourished under FPVI’s care. He only learned to handle a paintbrush when he came to FPVI, but quickly produced the most extraordinary images.

Over time, he has proven his maturity in thinking. His school work has also considerably improved. He regards himself an average student. However, his records show that he has surpassed his own expectations through hard work and perseverance.

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