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The FPVI Fellows continue to struggle with the print-based modular learning system, the new norm for students in the Philippine public school system. The absence of in-person lesson delivery and the inability to access help from the school leave many students anxious and stressed. To reduce and alleviate the distress, FPVI provides the Fellows remote tutorial support to through group chat. This plus journal-keeping and independent creative arts projects serve as their lifeline in pandemic times, as well as a more practical type of learning---collaborative and learning to be more resilient in the face of many challenges.

Additionally, once a month, the Fellows come to the FPVI Center to collect care packages and school supplies, and to receive in-person tutorials on subjects they need help the most, within the bounds of health and safety protocols in effect in the municipality. To add to the monthly learning support provision, the Fellows are participating in a series of game-based Virtual Visit Sessions to a science facility on topics relating to rice. Rice is central to the lives of everyone in this part of the world so there is interest and curiosity to the novelty of a virtual visit to RiceWorld. The April 4th topic was Climate-resilient rice. Most of the students are from farming families so they were interested, excited and surprised that there’s more to be learned about rice. A second virtual session is set for June.

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