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Updated: Jun 21

In 2019, Open Mic was introduced into the FPVI Program with the view to developing the students’ confidence in their individual capabilities to speak in front of their peers. After three rounds of these individual sessions, usually followed by Q&A, students were ready for a more challenging version of Open Mic.

In January 2020, the Team Open Mic was introduced where each team is tasked to choose a famous personality (local or international) whose life and work they have to present in any format of their choice - an open invitation to further their creative potential. The point is to spur them to learn to do research, understand the materials they gather, and work as a team.

The first team chose Andres Bonifacio, a Filipino revolutionary hero who fought for Philippine independence. The team of Lucky, Hannah, and Marky decided to do “Heroes Live”, a television special feature hosted by Lucky. From the studio, the host gives an introduction of Andres Bonifacio then turns over the spotlight to Hannah, a correspondent interviewing Marky, a Bonifacio fan and scholar. The format was creative and impressed school teachers who were invited to rate the performance.

The second team picked Regina “Gina” Lopez, environmental activist and Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) who passed away last year. The team used a game show format with an in-house made bell, a unique way of presenting the life and work of their chosen famous personality. Angelo played the game show host with Manuel and Lyka as competing players. The fun game which amply covered Sec. Lopez’s many accomplishments and contributions in protecting the environment to benefit many, especially the marginalized, amazed the teachers/judges.

It was clear that the two teams understood the objectives of the exercise: working creatively on material/topic and mode of presentation of their choice and working cooperatively together. The third team will have their turn on February 23rd and will be tackling the impact of the works of Martin Luther (Protestant Reformation) and Martin Luther King, Jr. (Christian Minister and Activist) on humanity in another format that will surprise the audience. Another Sunday to look forward to at the FPVI Center.


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