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Uncertainty, the only certainty in COVID-19 times

Chasing a signal under the blue sky

The start of the school year has been moved again to October 5 because the COVID-19 cases continue to rise. Under this circumstance, FPVI continues its own version of Distance Learning for the children in its care with the monthly assignments consisting of book reviews, grammar exercises, math and science lessons, with side projects in journal-keeping and art. This exercise is proving to be helpful not just for the children’s productivity and continued engagement but also as a dry-run for a similar learning format that the Philippine Department of Education is planning to adopt for the school year 2020-2021, particularly for those living in remote areas like our FPVI students.

Downloading class materials in the rice fields

The four college students who were under the FPVI program in their senior high school have their classes online. In the absence of internet access where they live, they go out to the open fields where they get a signal using their precious and limited mobile data sometimes on borrowed phones. When quarantine regulations are eased and they are allowed to enter the town proper, they do their online lessons, quizzes and assessments at FPVI Center where the internet connection is more reliable. On the side, they also support the younger Fellows with lessons in Math and Science.

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